Day 31

Day 31

,…i know, but I just can´t stand the rain


About jakobisahero

I am one of the top three spokespeople for the global "Lunch Wrapping Art Quest". The other two got picked up by the illuminati, whatever, I stand alone at the moment. Be brave, participate! Join the lunch wrapping art quest!
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2 Responses to Day 31

  1. Jakob,
    Thank you for liking my most recent post and blog.
    Thank you for being an art hero.
    Your blog is bright, funny, and offers a delightful reprieve.

    Question: Do you have evidence that the illuminati will stop at two? Remember, Sherlock Holmes has his Professor Moriarty.

    P.S. By the way, nicely wrapped.

  2. jakobisahero says:

    Hi Deacon..

    Thank you for you nice words.

    The Illuminati have for hundreds of years worked to oblibirate food wrappings as a concept to prevent any accidental Art. Need I remind you how they first invented cartoon lunch-box’s and later the TV to market said invention just to minimize lunch wrapping art?

    I hope to spread the word enough through this project to prevent any more tradegy’s within the Lunch Wrapping Art Community.

    I do, ofcource, live at a undisclosed address in Norway under a pretty tricky pseudonym (just in case).

    Regards Jakob

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